Member Application

Application Process 

Your application will not be processed unless full payment is received. The application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee who will then submit your application for approval to the Board of Directors of the Association. There are no exceptions made in the approval process. Sole authority for the approval or denial of any application shall rest with the Board of Directors. The application process takes between three to five weeks to be accepted as a member, depending on when the Membership Committee receives your application and the Board of Directors meet. If you are applying as a new member, you will be sent a new member packet after your application is approved by the Board of Directors. 

If you are a current member (or expired but within the 90-day grace period for renewals which ends on August 31st), please click here to renew your membership.  Please do not complete a new application.  

Renew your membership: (Active, Student, Associate, Emeritus)

Sustaining members: please click here to submit your application (both new and renewal) -


Applications for partial year new membership will not be accepted after April 1, 2018.   All applications received after that date will be processed in the next fiscal year and should include dues for the full year. 

  Full Time
  Part Time
  Not currently employed
  N/A - Educational Institution
  AACP (American Alliance Certified Paralegal – AAPI)
  CLA/CP (Certified Legal Assistant/Certified Paralegal – NALA)
  LNC (Legal Nurse Consultant)
  OSBA Certified Paralegal (Ohio State Bar Association)
  RP (PACE Registered Paralegal – NFPA)
  CRP (CORE Registered Paralegal)
  Other (please specify)
 CLE Committee
 Code of Regulations Committee
 Events Committee (Programs)
 Finance Committee
 Membership Committee
 Newsletter Committee
 Pro Bono Committee
 Professional Development Committee
 Public Relations
 Remember: Wills for First Responders Committee
 Social Media Committee
 Student Affairs Committee
 Bankruptcy Specialty Section
 Corporate Specialty Section
 Employee Benefits Specialty Section
 Intellectual Property Specialty Section
 Litigation Specialty Section
 Probate Specialty Section
 Real Estate Specialty Section

** NOTE: Pursuant to the May 13, 1992 amendments to the Code of Regulations, all new members (Active, Associate, Student and Emeritus) making application for membership to the CPA must submit, along with the application, a copy of their résumé or personal biography. 
*In addition, all students, both new and renewing, must submit verification of enrollment in a paralegal program (e.g., class schedule). 

Educational Institutions - please upload a copy of your program curriculum.
If uploading both a résumé or personal biography AND a student schedule, please combine them into one document.  

I hereby affirm that I have not been convicted of a felony, that I am not a disbarred or suspended attorney and that I have not been found to have engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. Further, I understand that once approved as a member of the CPA, I am subject to all of the provisions contained in the CPA's Code of Ethics and the Code of Regulations. I hereby acknowledge that the information contained on this Application for Membership to the CPA is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

I give my consent to the CPA to use my name and likeness on the CPA website and in the newsletter, and to promote the CPA, and/or their activities.

I understand that my membership application requires review and approval by the CPA’s Director of Membership and Board of Directors and that I will not be able to log into CPA's website until approval is issued.

Reminder: Your application is not complete until full payment is received. Clicking Submit will take you to the payment page where you can complete the transaction through PayPal.  If you are not directed to the payment page, please email us at 

YOU MUST RETURN TO THIS SITE after submitting your payment at PayPal for a record of your payment to be received. You will see a link to do this - do not use the back button/arrow in your browser.

We encourage payment of dues through our PayPal gateway, however if you need to pay by check, please contact our Membership Committee Chair at to make arrangements to do so.